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Trivia Thursday

I’ve always been a sucker for pub trivia, and I almost like creating trivia quizzes more than competing in them. The answers to the first nine questions are all connected by a theme, and the tenth is the theme. Feel free to share this quiz, and no Googling when you’re trying it! (What’s the fun in that?) Answers will be posted next week with the newest quiz.


  1. This diminutive of the name Katherine or Katarina can also describe a familiar household pet. (Must fit theme)

  2. In chess, this is what you call an opening move in which a player sacrifices a pawn or some other piece in order to gain an advantage. This word can also mean any calculated move that has some risk attached to it.

  3. As a noun, this word means a violent disturbance of the atmosphere. As a verb, it means to move angrily or forcefully in a specified direction.

  4. Gabriel, Michael and Raphael are all names for this type of celestial being.

  5. This old name for the chemical element of mercury is descriptive of its color and volatility in its liquid form.

  6. This animal is the mascot for the University of Michigan.

  7. When someone goes against orders to act in one’s own interest, this is called going______. The word in the blank also means a dishonest, immoral person or scoundrel.

  8. Odysseus and his men escaped from this creature’s cave by blinding him and riding on the undersides of his enormous sheep.

  9. One of the seven wonders of the ancient world, this gigantic structure of the sun god Helios guarded the city of Rhodes.

  10. What do these all have in common?

Answers to the quiz from July 26th are below.

  1. Sonja Henie

  2. Carpet

  3. Alert

  4. Scare

  5. Code

  6. Bull

  7. Cross

  8. Herring

  9. Letters

  10. Red (Red Sonja, Red Carpet, Red Alert, etc.)

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