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Trivia Thursday

I’ve always been a sucker for pub trivia, and I almost like creating trivia quizzes more than competing in them. The answers to the first nine questions are all connected by a theme, and the tenth is the theme. Feel free to share this quiz, and no Googling when you’re trying it! (What’s the fun in that?) Answers will be posted next week with the newest quiz.


  1. The band behind these lyrics: “It’s gonna take me a lot to get away from you/ There’s nothing that a hundred men or more could ever do…”

  2. The element Ag on the periodic table

  3. An old fashioned name for alcohol, especially illegally made and sold alcohol (must fit with the theme).

  4. This part of a bird is often broken apart with the person getting the larger part of it getting good luck of some sort.

  5. Olivia Newton-John’s most famous movie part.

  6. Moonlight, Pathetique, Kreutzer are all names of pieces by __________.

  7. The town where you might have seen people like Abigail Williams and John Proctor hundreds of years ago

  8. A movie and musical about a German transgender woman who becomes the lead singer of a rock band.

  9. Who the “Curse of the Bambino” refers to.

  10. What is the theme?

Answers to the quiz from May 3rd are below.

  1. Kit Harington

  2. Christine

  3. Herbie Hancock

  4. General Robert E. Lee

  5. Bumblebee

  6. Lightning

  7. Black Beauty

  8. Mirth

  9. Shagging

  10. Famous movie and TV cars

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