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Trivia Thursday

I’ve always been a sucker for pub trivia, and I almost like creating trivia quizzes more than competing in them. The answers to the first nine questions are all connected by a theme, and the tenth is the theme. Feel free to share this quiz, and no Googling when you’re trying it! (What’s the fun in that?) Answers will be posted next week with the newest quiz.


  1. What a full moon on the summer solstice is called.

  2. The nickname for New York City.

  3. One of the first smartphones, known for its full keyboard and popularity among businessmen.

  4. What a car that doesn’t work is called.

  5. Popular show on Netflix that takes place in a women’s prison.

  6. A native of New Zealand, also a name of a flightless bird.

  7. A computer that is basically a credit-card sized motherboard.

  8. Novel by John Steinbeck about tenant farmers in California and the anger they feel.

  9. This famous creature of the phylum Porifera lives in this under the sea.

  10. What is the theme?

Answers to the quiz from February 1st are below.

  1. Ocean’s Eleven

  2. Seabiscuit

  3. Stream

  4. Rain

  5. Lakers

  6. Michael Bay

  7. Straits

  8. Hail Mary

  9. Edward Snowden

  10. Water

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