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Trivia Thursday

I’ve always been a sucker for pub trivia, and I almost like creating trivia quizzes more than competing in them. The answers to the first nine questions are all connected by a theme, and the tenth is the theme. All quizzes are movie related. Feel free to share this quiz, and no Googling when you’re trying it! (What’s the fun in that?) Answers will be posted next week with the newest quiz.


  1. This comes before thunder.

  2. The abbreviation for a device that increases the volume of your voice.

  3. He was the captain of the fictional submarine Nautilus; his name literally means “no one” in Latin.

  4. First name of the British comedian who was very briefly married to Katy Perry.

  5. He was the second man to walk on the moon.

  6. What a ghost might say to you.

  7. The name of a famous cartoon bird that loves to bore holes into trees.

  8. This color has the shortest wavelength in the spectrum of visible light.

  9. The first name of the star of Ride Along, Get Hard and The Wedding Ringer

  10. What do these all have in common?.

Answers to the quiz from January 11th are below.

  1. Twister

  2. Ruby’s

  3. Emerald

  4. Monkey King

  5. Yellow

  6. Tin

  7. Scarecrow

  8. Nemean Lion

  9. Rainbow

  10. The Wizard of Oz

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