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Trivia Thursday

I’ve always been a sucker for pub trivia, and I almost like creating trivia quizzes more than competing in them. The answers to the first nine questions are all connected by a theme, and the tenth is the theme. All quizzes are movie related. Feel free to share this quiz, and no Googling when you’re trying it! (What’s the fun in that?) Answers will be posted next week with the newest quiz.


  1. Famous party game from the ‘60s that involved contorting your body into uncomfortable and unnatural positions.

  2. This restaurant, which is meant to be a throwback to the classic American ‘50s diner, features a waitress in a red striped dress as its symbol.

  3. May birthstone

  4. Who was Sun Wukong?

  5. Amber, flaxen and saffron are all shades of this color.

  6. The symbol for this element is Sn.

  7. The alias of Batman villain Dr. Jonathan Crane.

  8. This creature that Hercules strangled to death had skin that could not be pierced by any weapon.

  9. The result when you disperse light through a triangular prism.

  10. What is the theme?

Answers to the quiz from January 4th are below. (Highlight to reveal.)

  1. January Jones

  2. March of the Penguins

  3. Mae West

  4. June Squibb

  5. Miranda July

  6. September

  7. October Sky

  8. Remember the fifth of November

  9. December Boys

  10. Months of the Year

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